What is Hoopdancing?

Hoop dancing is a free flowing art form and a super fun way to get fit! Also commonly referred to as “hooping,” it strengthens your core, burns up to 600 calories an hour, increases energy, improves flexibility, promotes balance and coordination, relieves stress and so much more. It’s a fabulous, fun workout you’re sure to love!

About Hip-Mama Hula Hoops

  Hip-Mama Hula Hoops was created by Jami Marie Goleski, a devoted wife and loving mother of two young children. A former teacher who left the profession to raise her own children full-time, found herself looking to rediscover her inner essence and regain her identity as a vibrant, energetic woman in addition to her most important role as “Mommy.” Jami uncovered her creative passions through the art of hoop dancing, unleashing a fire in her soul, electrifying her spirit, and ultimately getting her post-baby body back into shape! Her background and knowledge of Kripalu Yoga has helped balance her journey allowing her to find the mind, body and spirit connection through hooping.  Becoming part of the hooping community at large, has also been a spiritually awakening experience for Jami.  It has opened up the door to enlightenment and inspiration and invited in the most beautiful people and positive spirits she has ever had the pleasure of interacting with.  It's been all about peace, love & hoops!

Being an art lover and a long-time crafter, Jami began incorporating her skills into making and selling weighted hoops for hoopdancing and overall fitness.  Here at Hip-Mama Hoops you will find unique handcrafted, custom hoop creations.  Hip-Mama Hoops are available in large heavy-weight hoops for adults/beginnners, light-weight hoops for intermediate/advanced hoopdancing, and child-sized hoops~ custom orders are available by request.

   ~May you find peace, health & harmony within the spiritual circle of your Hip-Mama Hula Hoop~  

Beginner Hoop Classes- Every Monday 6-7pm, St. Mary's Church Rec Room, Ponquogue Avenue, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
$15 walk-in -or- $60/6 classes  *Hoops provided*
Jami Marie Goleski of Hip-Mama Hula Hoops
Check back...new hoop designs & other Hip-Mama collections coming soon! Or visit the Hip-Mama Hula Hoops Facebook page for updates!  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Hip-Mama-Hula-Hoops/137771329589914

    Hip-Mama Hula Hoops